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Anthony's Movie Rating Archive
This is my archive of ratings for movies that I have seen. There are currently over 500 movies that are rated from A+ to F. Ratings are of course slightly subjective. ;)


Here is a general description of my ratings.

"A" movies are movies that I would recommend highly to people. These are flicks that I would call GREAT, quite possibly classics in their respective genre. These were worth seeing at the theatre on opening night and many times after AND buying the DVD. Sadly, I have seen most of these many, many times. Rent the movie and even happily pay the late fees.

"B" movies are very good movies which I would also recommend. They are a number of reasons that would prevent me from giving it an "A" such as a few really slow or boring scenes or maybe some unnecessary/unnatural dialog or scenes. Worth the price of admission. Rent the movie and pay the late fees.

"C" movies are average movies...they aren't great movies but I do not think that they are disappointments either. Certainly they were worth the price of admission to the theatre, but seeing it on opening night would not have been worth the hassle. These are worth the rental price but don't get late fees--they are not really worth extra.

"D" movies are less than average. I might watch these again if they are on network. I would not gladly pay to see these again. It was MAYBE worth the price at a second run theater but even then paying for the popcorn might not be worth the movie. Rental? Do it on those 2-for-$2 Tuesdays.

"F" movies SUCK. If I had seen these in the theatre I likely would have asked, nay, demanded my money back. I would not even suggest watching it for free. In some cases these movies sucked so badly that I did not (or could not) finish the movie. I sincerely believe that these are a waste of time.

Again, these are subjective ratings obviously...and they might even change from time to time. For example, the Matrix I would have given a D but after watching a few times I changed my mind.

One rule that I have been following is that if there was a movie that I know I have seen then but I could not remember it then I did not include it in the archive. Also, if there was a movie that I did not see all of for any reason other than the movie earning an F then I did not include it here.

This is a work in progress. As I remember more movies that I have seen (and if has the movie picture) then I will include them here.

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