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l.a. storyB
la confidentialB
land before timeB+
last starfighter, theB+
last supper, theB-
league of their own, aB+
lean on meA-
leap of faithB+
legend of bagger vance, theB+
lethal weapon 2B
lethal weapon 3C
liar liarB+
lion king, theA
little big manC
little darlingsC
little rascals, theD
lonely guy, theC-
look who's talkingB
lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ringA+
lord of the rings: the two towersA
lord of the rings: the return of the kingA+
lost boys, theC
lost in spaceD
mad cityD
mad dog and gloryC+
majestic, theC+
major leagueB+
man on the moonC-
man who knew too little, theB-
mask of zorro, theB+
mask, theB
matrix, theB+
max dugan returnsC
meet joe blackB+
meet the parentsA
memphis belleB
men at workF
men in blackA
men in black iiC+
mercury risingC+
messenger: the story of joan of arc, theC
michael collinsB-
mickey blue eyesD
midnight in the garden of good and evilD
miller's crossingB+
minority reportB
miss congenialityB-
mission impossibleB-
mission to marsD
mixed nutsD
monsters incA
mouse huntB+
mr. momC+
mrs. doubtfireB+
muppet movie, theB
murder at 1600C+
murder in the firstA
my best friend's weddingB
my blue heavenB+
my girlB
natural born killersD
needful thingsC-
net, theC-
nine monthsC-
nobody's foolB-
nothing to loseA-
ocean's elevenB+
odd couple, theB
one flew over the cuckoo's nestA
one hour photoD
only youC+